Considerations That Every Landlord Must Make With Brighton Lettings

Brighton lettings are in high demand, and all landlords will need to make very costly decisions when their property is not occupied. As a landlord, there are a lot of considerations that need to be made to ensure that a property is profitable and sustainable.

Furnished Versus Unfurnished Rentals

One of the easiest ways to increase profits is to offer a property fully furnished. This is a huge incentive for most renters as they can easily move into the dwelling without having the initial expense of buying all of the furnishings themselves. This is especially appealing to younger renters that do not have many of the items needed in an apartment.


Many Brighton lettings are unfurnished. There are a few benefits to this option, including:

  • Lesser contents cover costs.
  • Lesser worry about tenants breaking valuable furniture.
  • Less overall upkeep when new tenants move in.

An unfurnished dwelling will also have a lot of downfalls that need to be noted. These downfalls include the following:

  • Lower rental prices.
  • Harder to let in some locations.


A furnished building will mostly reverse the benefits and cons seen with an unfurnished rental. The following pros are seen:

  • Higher overall rent potential.
  • Incentive for younger buyers or students.
  • Provides marketability.

The downfalls of a fully furnished rental are:

  • Tenants may steal or damage furnishings.
  • Insurance costs may be higher.
  • Furnishings may need to be replaced.

Furnished lettings are often more sought and will provide a greater incentive to renters. If the property is located near the University of Brighton, the amount of potential renters for a fully furnished property will skyrocket. It is all about location and the consensus is that more people want to let a property that is furnished.

A few concerns when deciding whether to furnish a property or not is that fact that insurance may be needed. Landlords do not have a legal obligation to obtain insurance, but when valuable furniture is present, it is highly recommended that contents insurance is sought.

Income tax exemptions are a possibility when a property is fully furnished. Exemptions are not allowed when purchasing the furniture. However, furniture can be deducted through what is called renewals allowance. This allowance can only be deducted when items are replaced.

Not only is renting flexibility increased on furnished lettings, but the profit margin increase for rent will be 5 to 10 percent in most circumstances.

Property Management

Lettings can take a lot of time to upkeep. While some landlords choose to have a property manager take care of their property, others are more hands-on and want to manage a property directly. The truth is that either choice is perfectly fine, but there are a few benefits to both.


Self-managed properties have the following benefits:

  • Lower overall management costs.
  • Faster, easier access when problems occur.
  • First-point of contact when tenants have a problem.

Property-Manager Managed

Property managers are able to provide satisfactory management for landlords. This is definitely an optimal choice for landlords that have many properties that may be let. The benefits of a property manager are:

  • Simple and easy management.
  • Landlords simply collect rent.
  • Guidelines are followed.

A property manager simply reduces the need for the landlord to always be present when an issue occurs. If a tenant has not paid their rent, a property manager can go to the property and attempt to collect the rent on behalf of the landlord. Property managers will also be able to deal with any property-related issues quickly and easily.

Contents Insurance

A major concern for many landlords is the contents found within the rental. These are contents found within Brighton lettings that do not belong to the tenant. As a landlord, this can include carpeting, electronics and appliances among many other items.

Many contents, especially appliances, can be very costly. This would be items that are perfect for contents cover. Perhaps the items were damaged by the tenant or stolen, in this event, the landlord may be able to claim malicious damage, but they may alternatively make a contents insurance claim.

The latter is the ideal choice and would suit the needs of the landlord much better.

Contents insurance, often up to 25,000 pounds, is a great option, especially in a furnished rental. What this allows is for the item to be replaced if it is damaged or stolen. These items will need to be put into an inventory that is sent to the insurance provider to be adequately covered. Any new items will need to have their receipt of purchase kept as well as be added to the policy in many cases.

Contents insurance may be included within a landlord insurance policy already, but this is not mandatory.

Generally, a fully furnished rental should always have contents insurance. If letting to students, it is also a wise idea that contents insurance be purchased.

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Brighton Lettings: 5 Tips for Renters from a Letting Agent

Renting a property is a major financial decision. Whether you are a first time renter or you have rented a property in the past, there are many tips to consider before signing an agreement. Brighton lettings are extremely popular and the process of renting is often not given enough attention. To ensure that you and your family are renting the ideal property, we have compiled the following 5 tips that you must adhere to at all times.

  1. Inspect the Market

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is rushing into a rental agreement. There are dozens of affordable options in every price range. When a person does not look at the market completely, they are not going to land in a rental property that is perfect for them. Instead, you should:

  • View multiple properties even after finding one you like.
  • Never settle on the first property you see if it is not ideal.
  • Ask a letting agent for help.
  • Use multiple letting agents to find properties that other agents may have overlooked.

There will be a place to rent that is better than just acceptable. If you want to find a place that you love, you will need to do your research and give the rental process some time.

  1. Always Do an Inspection

Inspections are often neglected thanks to the Internet. While pictures may give you a general idea of how a property looks, they should not be fully trusted. Pictures are easily altered or taken at the right angle to make a property look superb when it has a slew of faults. Unfortunately, you can never trust pictures alone or even your agent’s advice.

Instead, you will want to do your own inspection. This must be done in person well before you even think about signing a rental agreement.

A few things to consider are:

  • Inspect the ceiling for visual signs of leaks.
  • Open and close all windows.
  • Run all faucets and bathtubs.
  • Inspect floors for any damaged flooring or carpeting.
  • Turn on all lights to make sure they work.
  • Check in cabinets to ensure no pest droppings are present.

You will also want to view the interior paint for any chipping or colour mismatches. Remember, you have a right to be choosy. Oftentimes, small fixes will be quickly made by a landlord that is simply looking for a reliable tenant.

  1. Understand Agent Fees

As a renter, you will be on a strict budget. Agent fees are common in the industry and you will want to know the fees that your agent charges prior to renting a property. This information can be obtained directly from the agent by simply asking what fees he or she charges for their services.

Even if you have budgeted for fees, it is always better to know the fees presented to ensure that you know the financial situation you will be up against.

  1. Insurance Concerns

Many renters view insurance concerns as that of the landlords. While this is true to an extent, you have a right to know the property’s current insurance situation before signing an agreement. In fact, you need to ensure that insurance is in place to safeguard your end of the contract.

A landlord should have the following:

  • Building insurance
  • Landlord insurance

If something happens in the dwelling or if you are injured on the property due to the landlord’s negligent acts, insurance will provide you with recourse.

A big mistake is that tenants do not realize that contents insurance found on Brighton lettings only provide cover for the landlord’s property. All tenants are advised to seek their own contents insurance so that it is possible to recoup money for any property that may be damaged or stolen.

As a tenant, you have a right to request a certificate of insurance from the landlord. Oftentimes, the letting agent will be able to furnish this certificate for their clients.

  1. The Final Step: Inventory

After you have signed the rental agreement and followed all of the four previous steps that we recommended, it is time to take inventory. If possible, this too should be done, checked and verified by the agent prior to moving into the property.

What inventory must be checked before moving into a Brighton letting? The following should be checked:

  • Furniture and the condition of the furniture.
  • Décor and the condition of the items.
  • Appliances and any other items.

You will want to note and document any issues with the rental upon moving in. Some renters even go as far as taking pictures of any and all issues that are found. Once inventory is complete, it is time to make a copy of the document and have it verified by the landlord or property manager. This will allow you to receive your full security deposit back once the rental agreement has come to an end.

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Brighton Lettings: Tips for Finding and Using a Letting Agent

Without the right skills and experience, managing your Brighton lettings will be an overwhelming task. A letting agent can offer the expertise needed to properly market and manage your property on your behalf. Just as you would hire a plumber to fix a leaky pipe, it only makes sense to hire a specialist to help ensure your rental property is a success. Here are some tips to help you find the right agent and make the most out of their services.

Check the Agent’s Reputation

Research the letting agent’s reputation. Check out their Linked-in profile, and search for reviews of their service online. A letting agent’s reputation is everything, and a good agent will work hard to preserve their good name.

Visit the Agent’s Office

Visit the agent’s office in person, and consider their location. Is the office’s location convenient for your tenants? While the majority of tenants search for properties online, many will insist on a face-to-face meeting when it comes time to submit an application, pay fees or place a deposit. Tenants want to know that they are dealing with a reputable agent, and an agent with a convenient office location is much more attractive to potential tenants.

Use Their Experience to Your Advantage

When visiting the agent’s office, ask to speak with the director or owner directly. Ideally, you want to have your property appraised by one of the company’s senior staff members. Use their experience to your advantage by getting the best possible rental advice and negotiating the terms of their service based on your own individual circumstances.

Make Sure the Agent is Qualified

Before trusting your Brighton letting with an agent, make sure that they are qualified. Verify that the agent is a member of a respected professional body, such as ARLA, UKALA, RICS or NAEA. It’s also important to ask for proof of money protection insurance. If the agent is not a member of a professional body or does not have money protection insurance, you may want to consider using a different agent. Otherwise, you may have no recourse if things are not done properly.

Ask About Fees

Make sure that you read the agency agreement carefully and ask about any upfront fees. A reputable letting agent will not charge you any fees until your property is let. The only exception may be the cost of obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate. In this case, the agent may obtain this for you at your expense.

The agent’s job is to market your property, find suitable tenants and check references before charging you a fee.

Make Sure the Agent Is Using the Right Marketing Methods

Does the agent have a reputation for obtaining tenants quickly? If not, they may not be using the right marketing methods.

Check to make sure that the agent is marketing your properties on all of the major property portals, such as Rightmove and Zoomla. The fee for listing on these sites will reflect in the agent’s fee, but it is well worth the cost. Advertising your property on major property portals will help the agent find tenants quickly, which results in shorter void periods. In addition to property portals, your property should also be marketed on the agent’s own website.

If you select an agent based purely on the cost of their fee, you may wind up with longer void periods as these agents typically do not market on all of the major property portals.

Have the Agent Handle the Viewings

The letting agent’s job is to find and vet tenants, and negotiate a deal. This includes arranging and handling the viewings. The agent should be scheduling viewings for times that are most convenient for the potential tenant – not the agent. The agent should also ensure that your property matches the tenant’s needs and requirements to improve the chances of success.

It’s important to keep in mind that most tenants arrange for viewings at the last minute and typically do not have the patience to wait around for someone to arrive and show them the property. Unless you are able to leave on short notice in the middle of the day, you should have your letting agent handle the viewings.

If you are working with an agent to find tenants, it’s important to let them do what they do best – secure the best possible deal for your Brighton lettings. You may still want to meet with the tenants in person before signing an agreement, but the agent should be capable of finding and vetting tenants that meet your requirements and standards.

Hiring the right letting agent can make the process of finding and vetting tenants simple and stress-free. If you opt to also have the agent manage your property, you can enjoy a virtually hands-free investment that provides you with reliable income every month.

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Brighton Lettings Guide: Agents vs. Private Management

Brighton lettings are always in high demand. This southern coastal town is a cultural haven with festivals, restaurants, theatres and night-life hotspots attracting visitors from London and other nearby cities. The relaxed atmosphere and beaches in Brighton allow city-goers to escape the stresses of the city and enjoy a peaceful getaway.

With so much interest in the area, investing in buy-to-let properties provides a lucrative opportunity for investors. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase property in Brighton, you may be wondering whether or not you should trust your property to a letting agent, or manage the property yourself. There are several things that you will need to keep in mind when making your final decision.

The Value of Your Time

Managing a property can be a monumental task. Before deciding to take on the burden of becoming a private landlord, ask yourself if you have the time to do so. If your answer is no, then your decision is already made for you.

If you live far from the property or work a full-time job, it will be a challenge to manage the property on your own. A Brighton lettings agent will have a team of people that will manage your property for you. Most will even work on evenings and weekends to ensure that all matters regarding your property are dealt with a timely manner.

If you have the time to dedicate to running your property, becoming a private landlord may be an attractive option. Those with time and experience may find this to be a more cost-effective solution. However, if you are inexperienced, working with a letting agent may be your best option even if you do have the time to manage the property yourself. Property management can be complex, and there are legal aspects that you also need to take into consideration. An agent will understand the ins-and-outs of managing property and have the experience needed to run your property smoothly.

Control of Your Property

How much control do you want over your property? Do you need to be involved in the day-to-day decisions of running your property? If so, being a private landlord may be the best option for you. In this case, you have complete control over the property. You are responsible for all of the checks and for choosing your tenant. It’s also important to remember that you will also be responsible for all of the legal aspects of managing your property, so it’s up to you to keep on top of local housing laws and regulations.

When you work with a letting agent, you relinquish some or all of your control of the property. Although you have less control, you also have less responsibility. The letting agent will understand the legal aspects of managing your property and will be responsible for finding and checking the background of tenants. This allows you to enjoy a hands-free investment that produces steady income year after year.

Professional Networks

Another factor that you need to consider is your professional network. Letting agents Brighton have spent years developing relationships with professionals in the industry and can utilize marketing or promotional methods that are unavailable to you. A Brighton lettings agent will not only ensure that your property is promoted in the local press, but also on major property portals like Zoopla and Rightmove.

With the right marketing and promotion, you can quickly find new tenants. Reduced time between tenancy agreements allows you to enjoy a steady stream of income throughout the year.

It’s All about Trust

The final thing you need to consider is whether or not you can trust a letting agent with your property. It can be difficult to find an agent who will treat your property as if it were their own, but it is well worth the time and effort to find one. If you cannot find an agent you can trust with your Brighton lettings, becoming a private landlord may be your best option.

Taking the time to meet with the agent and discuss their methods for marketing and managing your property may put your mind at ease. Find out what the agent’s reputation is to get an idea of how they would treat your property. If possible, speak with former clients who have trusted their properties with the agent.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference when deciding whether or not to use an agent for your Brighton lettings. If you have the experience and time, being a private landlord may be your best option. However, if you are inexperienced, do not have the time or live far away from your property, a letting agent will manage all aspects of your property for you. This will allow you to enjoy a hands-free investment that provides you with steady income throughout the year.

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